Gay Boy by Edward R. Jacobs
Gay Boy by Edward R. Jacobs

Gay Boy by Edward R. Jacobs

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Gay Boy by Edward R. Jacobs (1964) A probing look at the gay boys and the films which are made to satisfy their perverse hungers! Desire became full, vivid reality as he saw MAX'S BODY!

We found a magazine clipping inside the pages of this book of a review from 1966. It reads: "This book is obviously written by someone who knows something of the world of physique photography, pornography, and hustling. The book is both longer and more informative than most paperbacks in this area and is certainly higher in erotic content than the average paperback! The book opens with the profound observation that 'Life is really hell on earth for every human being who tries to get out from behind the eightball of convention.' The characters in this book certainly bear out this observation."

160 pages.

Nite Time Original #123 / Golden State News

About this copy: Good condition. Shelf wear. All pages and binding in good shape. Crease on the back (see photo). First printing!