Heavy Erection Crew (His 69)

Heavy Erection Crew (His 69)

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"Yes, Mr. Meyers. That'll be fine. Right. I'll be ready? Travis North leaned his six-foot-two frame against the refrigerator, pressing the receiver to his ear with one hand and turning his wristwatch toward his smooth but rugged face with the other arm.

"Okay, great. I really appreciate the call, Mr. Meyers. You don't know how much this means to me. I'll be waiting in the morning."

In the morning, he thought. Shit, that's only twelve hours from now. He'd have to pack some clothes, and clean out the refrigerator. Maybe wash the dishes. No, fuck the dishes. Let the mice lick 'ern clean while he was gone. Still, there were a dozen things that had to be done. And there was Jon, too.

Heavy Erection Crew by Bjorn Peters from the His 69 series.

Printed in 1988. 148 pages.

Note about this copy: Great condition. Slight wear and clipping on the corners but otherwise in fine shape.