Mountain Men (Power Force Series)

Mountain Men (Power Force Series)

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Mountain Men by Chuck Robles (1984)

“Fabiano watched Martino bathing in a converted wine cask. It was obvious that Martino had not heard him approach, for he sat deep in the cask surrounded by suds with his back to Fabiano. He had broad coppery shoulders with a sparse growth of jet-black hair across them and over his back. The blanket of black hair on his chest was still dry around his throat, and his curly shoulder-length hair gleamed in the sunlight. Fabiano thought that Martino was in love with him, and he regretted not feeling the same sensation in return. Love was still a mystery to Fabiano, crazily mixed up in some way with the loneliness he felt. And when the loneliness threatened him, Martino's hard-muscled body was consoling.“

Power Force Series • Arena Publications

186 pages

About this copy: Good condition. Shelf wear and slight discoloring on the back. Pages in fine shape, minor damage on the bottom corner.