Rockshots Seafood (1981) Blank Card
Rockshots Seafood (1981) Blank Card

Rockshots Seafood (1981) Blank Card

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"Seafood" by Rockshots, Inc (1981)

Michael Rock and Tolin Greene founded Rockshots in 1978 after Greene started selling Rock’s erotic photography pasted on blank wedding cards. The business grew quickly, and they sold adult-themed, humorous, gay greeting cards across the US in the 80s. Many retailers in smaller towns were hassled by local authorities for violating city ordinances. A number of community groups attempted to ban the sale of Rockshots, Inc cards. While difficult to find online, look for Dixon’s art in back issues of Honcho and other gay magazines. Dixon, Rock, and Greene have panels on the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt. Rock and Greene share a panel featuring a painted portrait.

Art: Dixon Scott

Art Direction: Tolin Greene

5x7 blank card w/ envelope

PH 347-80